Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It has been a long time since my last post and during this time, many things happened in my spiritual development.

I've been in the dilemma of continue with this blog or simply shut it down, and the main reason is that I have sworn oaths in the three Orders I belong to; and after thinking about the commitment I have in my hands, I came to the understanding that I don't need to break my oaths or reveal information I receive in order to continue with my writings.

I even decided to remove any information from my personal page in facebook that could establish a link to my esoteric activities; despite I comment about these activities from time to time on some friend's posts. The truth is, I can't deny what I am: I'm a Rosicrucian Magician, regardless of my grades, experience and scholarity, I'm a Rosicrucian Magician.

On the other hand, I'm allowed to talk about published material, since is obvious that anyone can find it on the internet. It is funny to see how many people try to "fix" the LBRP; some others say that they "don't feel anything when doing LBRP", short and quick answer: the LBRP is NOT FOR FEELING ANYTHING!!! and when I read this kind of things, I just refrain from making comments or corrections, why? because I don't want to start useless discussions with people who will try to justify their points of view and therefore avoid flame war.

I love my Tradition, I respect my Orders and their officers and in that spirit, I will continue with this blog and again I emphazise that it will be about my experiences.

Peace profound, in Light, Life and Love

Frater VL

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