Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why I have been too silent

When I started this blog, I had the expectation of post regularly about my experiences and topics of my interest, and maybe, the interest of my readers.

Obviously, I have many things to do in my regular life, like work, school, have some fun, and of course the workload of the Orders I belong to. Putting aside the "have some fun" part, my daily life is busy and I'm glad I have no time to waste, because I follow a very structured schedule and besides I'm a very methodical person, and barely have time to keep up to date my blog.

On the other hand, I read many other blogs and of course and I consider a normal thing, to agree or disagree with others in many topics. I respect many people out there, but respecting some people doesn't make me a blind sheep or a blind follower of them. 

But here it is the main issue: as I read blogs and comments, it really discourages me in participate in any form of debate or even provide my insights to others, but why? first, I have learned that when somebody wants to learn something, they will seek for help; second, I have gained the ability of identifying a real need of help from someone who only wants to pick on something; third, I'm not anyone's redeemer.

You might say, but what about the help to others? yes, I do help many people at different levels; but when it is about knowledge, I'm very careful with that because as I advance in my Orders and in the development of my skills, I acknowledge the value of remain silence. I have read weird shit about many topics and instead of inspiring me to participate on discussions, discourages me totally because all the people out there are "experts" and no one has the real humility to learn from others, and because of it, I'm not willing to participate in the battle of the egos. 

I live a modestly prosperous, peaceful and organized life, but I have my anti-craft guns ready, just in case...there's always an asshole trying to "play the bad ass", and for those...only punishment awaits.

I hope to keep blogging again and talk about some topics that will piss-off more than one out there, but that's ok, sometimes, you must be an eye opener instead of a blind sheep.

Peace profound, in LVX

H Frater VL