Sunday, April 8, 2012

Underestimating Magic

As I have stated clearly on this blog, I'm a Golden Dawn and Rosicrucian magician and I'm proud of it. If you don't like it, leave now, otherwise, keep reading and maybe you will find things you won't like, and guess what? I don't give damn.

Note: I have removed the permission to post and to comment to anonymous users, I won't allow anonymous trolls anymore.

Ok, let's get back to the point:

Everyone think they have the right to underestimate my magic and my work even without knowing me, and just by being a GD magician they think they have the right to do witch hunt against me...and that really pisses me off; many times I read other on blogs posts and comments underestimating GD magic, and I say "Well, who cares what these guys say" but hey, some guys are so damn stupid that they talk even without knowing shit of what happens in a GD Temple...or at least in my house.

The problem with GD magic specially when it has to do with defense, is the fact that we have an oath, where we swear not to use our magic for evil, but let's look at this mundane example:

In U.S., there is what we call "Castle Law" which in summary describes that a person has the right to defend his/her house of habitation from intruders and also the use of lethal force is justified. (I won't cite the literal text here). This means that if for any reason you break into my house to commit a crime and I have a weapon, I have the right to use it against you with lethal force and if the proof goes against you; I will be set free.

So, the use of a weapon is more honorable than the use of magic if someone attacks me with magic? I don't give a damn if you don't like the answer, but the answer is NO. If someone uses magic against me or my loved ones, I will hit back so fucking hard that the attacker will beg to tears for peace every day; and this is not negotiable, period.

I have accomplished many goals purely with GD magic; have I used other methods? YES I have, and that has given me the opportunity to observe the effects of different methodologies and systems, and as long as I have been acquiring and increasing the powers using GD magic I have stopped using other systems; and during some time, I have noticed these things:

1. The first group of people who complaints about GD being "weak" and whaterver, is people who NEVER went above 0=0.

2. Another group of people, if they moved above 0=0 and they cannot figure how to improve their lives using magic, hey, or they are lazy; or simply, they don't have the talent and the guts.

3. The last group, don't have a clue on what happens in a GD Temple and they dare to witch hunt GD magicians.

I love to do a full rite, with tools and observing the details carefuly, but hey, the magician must be able to do magic even when driving, fuck... If you don't have the talent for that, get another job, seriously.

I do magic even at work; at the restaurant; at the gym, sitting in a corner in the steam or sauna room. What do I do? I DO GOLDEN DAWN RITES. If a Santero can do magic while he/she poops, my respect; if a sorcerer can do magic when looking for a car in a dealership to get a good deal, my respect. If a magician needs to be in front of the Santa Muerte or in front of the altar to perform an invocation, or inside a physical circle to perform a rite, hey stop bullying a GD magician.

Some author said (I have the right to reserve the name): "The magician must be able to exit and enter the body at will" and if you don't even work on that alchemical principle, you better keep killing chickens to "offer" to your spirits.

So, if you think you have the right to underestimate my magic and want to play, just have this warning: I'm watching you.

Peace profound, in LVX

Frater VL