Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Debunking a "challenge"

Before I start, I want to state clear that I'm not willing to please anyone's sympathy and I will speak my mind as I consider necessary; also, this is my opinion I'm entitled to submit, as a free man, and as a member of the Rosicrucian Tradition, specifically, HOGD/AO.

Some days ago, a "challenge" was issued in order to verify the existence of Secret Chiefs in our venerable Rosicrucian Tradition; following the initial post, some other blogs related to the "progress" of the challenge have been posted and the content of such blogs, are the most silly things I've ever read.

First, who did it? Nick Farrell; he's a person that cannot be trusted in any way, unless you are following his political agenda. I don't know if you're blind enough to not see that this guy is earning money by betraying the Tradition he says that inspired him to create his group. This attitude, even from the business point of view, it is dirty and let me ask  you: would you give your hard earned money to someone like him?

Second, by issuing this "challenge" he is in really desperate need of attention, specially from the blind sheeps who follow him. I will tell you why the Secret Chiefs will  never go to his doorstep:
  • He is not honest in his inquiry
  • He is not the one who will decide if a Secret Chief is willing to even meet him
  • He has destroyed his own reputation and trust by his own dirty deeds
  • He has denied many times his own actions when there is evidence all around in the internet
  • He is not a Rosicrucian
Third, he has published his novels under the same publishing company that he co-owns and just today, he denied his involvement with such company in his blog, and "he should have meant to say some time ago", really? what the hell? who are you trying to fool dude?

Fourth, despite of belonging to a christian Trinitarian organization, he denies it too; do you see the hypocrisy vomited here? denying his own affiliation? what else a person with kind of hypocrisy would do against those who he hates?

Fifth, the Rosicrucian Tradition is ancient, it is not something that "came around the block yesterday" and whether you like it or not, it is based on lineage and direct lines of succession. These lines of succession are established by those who have been in the chain, this is, the Masters or Chiefs, and not by any candidate, and not to say a "Rosicrucian wannabe"; therefore, how can a Rosicrucian succession be given to Farrell if himself is not a Rosicrucian?

I'll keep an eye on these events, why? because the Rosicrucian Tradition needs to be preserved for those who love it and venerate it; evil cannot be left unchecked.

Peace Profound, in LVX

H Frater VL

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Censorship and the blind sheeps

Lately, several blogs have been talking about a "Community", which according to them "it is supposed to be a diverse and wide group that includes several Orders, Temples and individuals who practice Golden Dawn Magic".

I belong to a Golden Dawn Order, specifically, the Alpha et Omega and that makes me a member of "the community"; the problem is, that because I belong to a group they don't like, it makes me (according to them) not a member of "the" community.

What a bunch of crap is that? maybe, I'm not a member of "their" group of blind sheeps (I'll go back to the blind sheeps later), however I'm a member of the Golden Dawn community and the real problem is that some of these guys, have self proclaimed "leaders" and take decisions based on what they politically like or dislike.

What about the blind sheeps? well, these guys and many others, like to have a bunch of blind followers, blind sheeps who will bow down their head to them and this is very fucking sick, specially for outsiders...just look at the following example:

I don't understand how outsiders always do bad criticism against the Golden Dawn (as esoteric current), I have read real shit that these guys say; and even without second thought, they claim to be friends of "Golden Dawners" who are the "self proclaimed" leaders of "the community". Can you see how much hypocrisy is vomited here?

To make things clear here, I'm speaking my thoughts and I'm speaking for myself, and I will ever do; I have stated clearly many times that I belong to the HOGD/AO, and if you don't like me because of it, hey, farewell, but I won't please politicians.

I won't bow down my head to anyone, I'm not a blind follower, I'm my own owner and fuck all of those fucking blind sheeps; those who don't dare to speak their minds because their are afraid to lose the sympathy of these lame "leaders"; if you feel offended by this, it is not my fault that your weak mind can't process what I just said.

For a Golden Dawn free of politics,