Sunday, February 27, 2011

On Energy Work

In the last few weeks, a discussion about energy work has been in the air on the mage’s blogosphere; I think I came late to the party, but I also brought something to the table.

Before presenting my experiences, I would like to clear up the way; why? Because there are different belief systems, traditions, concepts and even prejudices and ignorance about this important area of development.

First, this is not new age. Ancient traditions have performed and keep performing energy work, some of them are Tibetans, Egyptians, Rosicrucians, Hindus; and, why some mages insist on calling it “new age”?.

Second, this is not “mental masturbation” as many others think. We are spirits living in physical bodies; we are not the other way around, and therefore we need to keep the current flowing from our source into ourselves; this is not about passive visualization either.

Having said that, let’s proceed.

Being a Rosicrucian Magician, I understood the importance of the development of my energetic body; and I want to clarify something here: some magicians say that our goal is to become immortal and to tell the truth, that’s not our goal, since we are immortal already.
Our goal is to attain spiritual evolution, but when our spirit is embedded in a body at the moment of birth, we are bound to the limitations of the flesh; and as we grow old in life and become involved in our mundane way of living, many of us forget our real nature.

If you are an emanation of the Divine; don’t you think you have the same attributes of the Divine in your spirit? Of course you have them, and that’s why you have recognized you’re a magician, and that’s why is important to develop your enegetic body, and when you devote yourself to do it, you start to grow in three levels: spiritual, psychic and physical; and magic itself takes place into these three levels too.

When you work on developing the spiritual level; you will attune back to your source and you will have access to wisdom, access to your higher self: the most pure version of you; the angel within; the loved one and you will manifest the fruits of the spirit: love, peace and temperance.

At the same time, you will be developing the psychic level and you will be able to raise and manage energy; charge the psychic centers of your body at will and use it whenever you need it: astral projection; telepathy; clairvoyance; healing to others just by using your hands and the energy stored in your being and integrated in your aura (sphere of sensation).

And at the last in the chain, you will enjoy the benefits of having a healthy body: better digestion; better sleep; healthy heart; bones; blood.
When you have the ability to manage the energy at the psychic level, you will be able to feel the energy running on your physical body and then, you realize that this development is not a passive mentalism, as many may say.

There are many techniques to develop these three levels of energy, and this article is just the beginning of the series of articles I will write on.

Peace profound, in the LVX

Frater VL