Sunday, March 20, 2011

Connecting with your source: Meditation

The next article on the energy work series is about a very misunderstood aspect of psychic development: meditation

Misunderstood? Yes, and this is because for the majority of people, as often happens, meditation is seen with prejudice; on the other hand, magicians of many traditions claim this is a waste of time and even unnecessary.

Before entering into the topic, as I usually do, I want to address some points:

First, for people who is not into magic or mysticism: there are those who are too immersed into their material world, that they can’t see further than their eyes can; for these people, the only reality is what they can see, hear, feel and their material world is so important that when they criticize mystic studies, they don’t even have a valid argument, and the only way to provide discussion, is by discredit these activities.

Second, for magicians of different traditions: before start to post your rants I want to make some clear: I do understand the fact that every tradition has its own system of symbols, spirits, names, etc., but the point I want to bring to the table, is the fact that we as magicians, need to become much more than just conjurers or invokers; before being that, we are spirits, we are emanations of One divine source and our goal, as I mentioned in previous posts, is not become immortal, since we already are, our goal, is to claim our spiritual nature back.

Now you can rant all you want, ok? Well, let’s continue.

Hermetic and Rosicrucian traditions on the other hand do recognize that nature and therefore, as part of their practices and teachings, include meditation.

This is not a merely daydreaming or a passive state of being; this is much more dynamic than you think, and there are different reasons or goals for meditation. This article is about developing our energy work, so let’s go for it!

I will assume that you have read my previous post: Somewhere to go: Your Inner Temple and I will skip this part; if you haven’t read that post, please do it, since there is important information and practice. Once you have ascended into your Temple, the method is as follow:

First, regardless of your physical position (lying down or seated) see yourself in your temple standing or seated, as you prefer and a very important thing to remember, is that you must try to keep your point of view in first person, in other words, don’t see yourself in the image as if you were in a movie, you are the viewer, you are the observer.

Second, deep inhale slowly; while you inhale see a ray of light coming down to your head and physically you must be able to feel the chills in your physical body. When feeling the chills, make the light rotate clockwise and your point of view must be at the crown of your head.

Third, exhale slowly and keep the light rotating and try to make your physical body to feel the chills as this happens. Don’t lose the point of view from the top of your head.

Repeat the second and third step at least 5 times per meditation. After doing that, resume your normal breathing and perform the steps to descend from your Temple and closing your meditation period.

Now, since this is about ritual magic…what about physical workings? Well, to accomplish that, we perform the Middle Pillar Ritual. There is plenty of published information about that ritual, and I don’t believe I would be violating secrecy if I decide to describe it in later posts.
I hope this simple yet efficient procedure, will help you in developing your energetic body.

Peace profound, in LVX

Frater VL

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