Thursday, September 26, 2013

My first encounter with Marduk

Today, as part of my devotionals to Jupiter, I dared to start a new venture in something that I have been interested for some time now.
I had my first encounter with Marduk, yes, the great God of the Sumerians and Babylonians, son of Enki, the one who slayed Tiamat (more on Tiamat later...).
The intention of the first session was to establish contact and obtain the blessing to start a relationship with the god. Since I didn't know what to expect, I decided this time to do it through meditation and the method was quite simple: in my astral temple, I opened the rite by calling the names in the 4 quarters, above and below; then pray to the god to appear.
Since the 50 names are so hard to memorize, I just prayed to him and ask for his attendance, very respectfully and with genuine humbleness. I hadn't finished my prayer, when I felt a presence, yes I actually felt in my sphere of sensation (since I had full consciousness of my actions) and in the "screen", it appeared a very strong and at the beginning, I tried to make the image showed in pictures of what Marduk might be, but immediately I was corrected in my image, and it was a fully live and breathing being, very tall and it had a wand, it was a weapon of light.
Then, I welcomed and told him that I was looking for to establish a relationship with him, he agreed and I asked his blessing. At the moment, he pointed the weapon against my forehead and I felt a rush of energy in my body; the energy was very strong and very lovely, like a protector father to his son.
I spoke to him again, and presented my thanksgiving for what he had done, and he left.
As far as I understand, I have the blessing now and I have a sense of the energies emanating from him, and definitely I will continue my work with Marduk, and feel confident about the impressions obtained in this first contact. I hope the next encounter will be a full physical rite.
I feel quiet and peaceful, and one thing I know for sure, is that I have access to another very powerful ally
Peace profound, in LVX
H Frater VL