Monday, January 31, 2011

To believe, or not to believe?

Nowadays, we live in a society that is enjoying the benefits of information; everyday, we are receiving information from many sources and from many fields: science, religion, esoteric, politics, etc, regardless if they provide the elements of judgement and proof; whether they provide them or not, we have two choices: to believe, or not to believe.

Therefore, does your belief of disbelief in something, voids the truth? The answer is a plain and simple NO, you will not like it, but the answer is NO.

The topics that are of our interest in this blog are the esoteric and religion fields, since they are related. First, let’s talk about something some people don’t want to hear about: God, the One, the Cosmic, Allah, Dios, Dio, call him whatever you like and I want to start this discussion with a question: Does God need your approval or your belief that He exist? You know the answer right? NO, the fact that you cannot probe with physical systems of measure the existence of God, it doesn’t mean that he does not exist. It is very common to hear that someone doesn’t believe in God and most of the times, is quite understandable: some people have had bad experiences with religion; some others have had bad experiences with people who represent religions; some others, have suffered an irreparable lost, and all of these causes will lead to avoid any kind of admittance of a belief in a God or a superior force, or a primer mobile force.

Second, we have Magic; I want to point out for those who are not magicians and read this blog, that I’m not talking about the illusionism we see on TV or shows and they call themselves magicians; I will refer to the activity of handling supernatural forces, whether they’re for good or ill.
Many people say “Magic can only affect you only if you believe it” but this is not true, because when the magician performs a ritual it does it by asking a spirit to accomplish a very specific task, and affect a very specific target; if the magician has the ability to communicate the request correctly and it has the right level of attunement with the spirit he/she intend to call, the spirit will perform the task, whether you believe it or not.
That’s why some people who is victim of ill magic, is vulnerable since they think that if they don’t believe in it, that magic will not affect their lives, but at the same time, this person is seeing how his/her life is going through the toilet; but this is not just in people who is not trained in magic; this also happens to magicians!.
To believe in magic it doesn’t mean you’ll become a paranoid, but at least it will keep your senses open and aware to events and situations out of normal; a warned soldier is a prepared soldier.

Third, we have Karma…right now, just by reading that word, some might say “ah…this new age stuff”; sorry but is not new age, this is ancient knowledge and it does exist long before you were born; and again, it doesn’t need your approval of belief to exist.
Simple put, Karma is the accumulation of corrections to be made, in order to attain a new step in spiritual evolution. Ok…I have read sometimes on people who say that karma is a kind of shit and wathever, but…if a thief cannot scape from police, who is imperfect as the rest of humans; what makes you think that you will get your way by harming people without being punished? What kind of super-natural-magic-god do you think you are? If you fuck people’s life, sooner or later you will get your life busted too.

There are many topics to talk about, but I think these three are good enough by now. Life is full of misteries and everthing has it’s time and place, and these things exist, for good or evil, without the need of your approval and belief, they exist because of their own right.

The choice you have to believe or not in something, it doesn’t void its truth.

Peace profound, in the LVX

Frater VL