Monday, August 26, 2013

Dedication and Success

Some years ago I was talking with a good friend of mine, and in that conversation he mentioned something about the ability of performing magical acts and getting results on demand.

At that time, it seemed to me that it was something unreachable and very difficult, and indeed, it is, and requires a lot of dedication to achieve that.

Now I look at myself and look to all the things I've been gone through and all the success achieved and I have come to this conclusion:

By design and regardless of what tradition you devote to, the rites you perform will bring result; but there are three key elements in obtaining success: the relationship you develop with the entities you communicate with; your dedication and commitment to perform your work; and the amount of LVX that you are able to manage in yourself.

At the beginning, it is crucial and essential to perform full blown rites and if you have the tools of the trade, it will be much better; also, in these full rites you will develop the relationship with the entities and you must start to handle LVX in your own body and not just do mundane petitions to the spirits, but also, activate those energies and power in yourself.

As long as you go, you will gain the ability to do magical acts on demand, on the road, "on the go" and you will start to see results on the field of action, at the very moment you need to obtain something; but remember that this ability will come through time.

I have had countless experiences of this success and the ability I have gained to obtain results "on demand"; but as you just read above, there is another essential element: the LVX, that energy, that power that you accumulate and activate in your body, in your aura. This LVX is a key element also in Initiations, and that's why it is highly recommendable to go through those important rites, because during the Initiation,  your sphere of sensation will have the "signature" that will act as mark in yourself and you will have influx and transmission of power and authority.

You don't need to depend on full setup-temple rites; well, don't misunderstand me, I love to do my rites in that way too, but what I'm trying to say is, that you must gain the ability to perform magical acts, even when you're driving! even at the table at the restaurant! silently, quietly, naturally.

Be dedicated, be successful and do your work.

Peace profound, in LVX

H Frater VL.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Personal Inquisition?

To clear this topic straight: I will not talk about the article about UK government censoring "esoteric" content on the internet or whatever idea that government try to sell to the public.

What I want to address is the "personal inquisition" that every occultist lives these days. Have you noticed that it is very common that everyone involved in esoteric activities of any sort or Tradition, feels safer when they're behind the scenes? this is, using a motto instead of the real name and/or picture of the person.

Someone just might say: "this is the 21st century, the inquisition is over and we live in the information age blah blah ..."; oh yeah, you're right, but if the inquisition as we know it has finished, why do we need to hide ourselves in weird names and pictures of anything occult?

The explanation is simple, we are not prosecuted as it happened in old times; but we are prosecuted in a very subtle way even by our own family and loved ones.

When I opened myself to my family and loved ones and let them know that I am a Rosicrucian, I found some opposition and I believe that this opposition is most of the times caused by fear and/or ignorance of what we have been taught by religion, science and the Education system; on my Facebook page I have many friends that are involved in some form of religion and up to date, no one has said anything negative or banned me for my affiliations to the Rosicrucian Tradition; if at any moment any of them do it, their reasons will be respected but it won't make change who I am.

On the other hand, I have seen how many of my eFriends need to have 2 accounts: one for family, friends and coworkers; and another for the magical acquaintances; if there's no open inquisition as in the past, why do they need to hide away from family, friends and coworkers?

Well, the answer is also simple: prosecution!, if not, think about this: what would your manager say if they found out that you are a badass magician and you are able to work with the "unknown"? after your manager find this, the prosecution can go from discrimination up to termination; What if your devoted Catholic grandmother finds out that you talk to spirits? what if the guys from college, those involved in science projects just find out pictures of your Enochian Tablets?

If what I mentioned on the above paragraph is not real, why you need to hide? as long as your family, friends, loved ones and coworkers don't know this, you will be accepted in their circle and you feel safe when this occurs; but the very moment they find what you really are, then your inquisition begins; then the witch hunt begins.

I believe that no occultist should suffer from this; the same way as "normal" people are able and free to attend their churches or whatever activity they do, even if what they learn there is nothing; we should also be able and be free to do our will.

Peace Profound, in LVX

H Frater VL