Thursday, March 3, 2011

Somewhere to go: Your Inner Temple

This is the second article on the Energy Work series, and it deals with something that is very important if we want to develop our energetic body.

At first, it might seem that Meditation is the beginning; but it is not, and I will tell you why: from people who don’t belong to an Order, to people who attend a Lodge a common problem is evident: they don’t have somewhere to go.

Somewhere to go? Yes. Many people want to meditate but as soon as the meditation starts, whether it is guided in a group setting or an individual meditation, they get lost and they say “they don’t feel or see anything”; but what it happens, is that they don’t have a point of entry or a place where they can develop the topic on which they need to meditate; therefore according my experience, the first thing I have learned that people must have and build, is what we call in mysticism and magic as an Astral Temple, your Inner Temple.

Once you have developed your Inner Temple; Astral Temple or Celestial Sanctum, you are ready to do your work. This place is holy, intimate, totally yours, and it resides on the highest aspirations of your soul; it is a point of entry where you can commune with your Divine Source without any intermediary, without any interference.

An easy and general method for building it might be as follows:

First, sit in a comfortable position; or lay down on your bed or somewhere you feel relaxed. If seated, open your legs as the width of your shoulders and put your hands on your tights or knees; your back should be straight and relaxed. If lying down, don’t lay flat; instead, lay with an inclination of a couple of pillows; feet separated as the width of your shoulders and hands lying down on the sides.

Second, concentrate in your third eye and take three deep breaths; don’t hold your breath, just do it slowly: deep inhale; deep exhale. In the last exhale you do, see yourself inside a room. Don’t just imagine the room, feel it, feel as if you were in reality inside that room. Forget about your actual physical surroundings and concentrate in feeling yourself part of that room.

Third, recognize the place, walk around; see the walls, ceiling and start to put symbols you understand, according your belief. Might be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or any symbolism that corresponds to your Tradition. After you have built and equiped your Temple, walk around again and recognize it, this is the place where you will be ascending on your periods of meditation; this is the place where you will put your problems to the Cosmic, to find a solution, to perform a ritual, to receive communication from your guide, your hight self, your divine counterpart.

Fourth, when ready, get out of the temple from the same door where you entered and slowly, feel how you integrate your consciousness to your physical surroundings, and feel the real floor, your chair, your bed, or where you’re lying down. Take another three deep breaths and move your feet, hands, head and finally, open your eyes.

Perform this exercise whenever you wish to enter in a period of meditation; or just to have a clear image of your Inner Temple.

You might know a more elaborate method and even you might have your Temple established, but for the magicians or people who are willing to have a better direction on their meditations, I think is very easy and fair.

Peace profound, in the LVX

Frater VL

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