Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why did I join the HOGD/AO

When I was searching for an Order to join, I have read about that group that existed in 1888 in England and I barely remember the name.

One afternoon, I was at Barnes and Noble and I found the black Regardie's book: "The Golden Dawn". I took it, got a table and started to read, but one afternoon was not enough.

I got back home and started to search "The Golden Dawn" and it was dissapointing to me, that there were many groups called "The Golden Dawn" and I said to myself: "what is the real one?"; but I started to go one by one and I even was about to fall in the Credit Card fraud of the Zink's EOGD; then, I went to McZ and the website was so obscure that just by looking at it made me ran away.

I even bought the "Self Initiation" green book and to be honest, the theory is awesome, I must credit that; but then after reading a lot, I said: "where's the magic?" and also made think "how am I going to Initiate myself if I don't have any power vested on me?" and I kept searching.

One good day, I found the HOGD/AO and the very moment I found the website I knew it was the one I was searching and I didn't even hesitate in joining.

The rites of the neophyte came to me and they were natural; I learned right away and immediately started to see changes. By that time, I had no idea on what was going on on the blogosphere; I didn't know that Zink and some others were waging war against my new Order.

On my way, I found some known names on the web and occult circles...Leitch, Farrell, RO, etc etc and credit to whom credit deserves, RO helped me a lot and I became his student in one of his classes. I knew he disliked what the GD means but I didn't understand why; I just kept doing my class and kept going my way in the Order. At some point, I liked Leitch but somehow I knew I didn't need to spend my money on him; Farrell, I distrust him since the beginning.

As I was progressing in the HOGD/AO, I experienced many good changes in my life with the rituals, spiritually, psychicly and materially. Many rewards, and power...yes, I said power. The fraternal union of my fellow Fratres and Sorores made me feel at home.

I have met many good people in my Order, my tutor; my fellow members of the Temple; and all of those who i just know online by now, but I hope in the future, meet them. Also, I do my duty as officer in the Temple, and we do voluntary work with love to our fellow candidates who come to be Initiated by us; and they know it, they feel how we treat them, with respect and love.

I'm proud of my HOGD/AO, I see the honesty in our brothers and sisters and in the Institution itself. Our order is not a business, the Order doesn't even sell things and we receive our material for free; it's part of our regular study curriculum. Everybody knows that.
The ones who are milking the community are the same who oppose to us, they sell lies and cheap journalism.

We stand strong and independent and no one has the right to take that freedom out of us.

My dear Fratres and Sorores of the HOGD/AO, I love you all, with sincere love and much respect, to each one of you.

Peace profound, in LVX

H Frater VL.


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  2. RO, I know we disagree but as I said above, I give you the credit you also deserve. I hope that our disagreements won't move more than that.
    I consider you a dear friend of mine; and you have the right to disagree, the same I have to disagree with others.

    Peace, in LVX.

  3. You got a link for the Order your in I wanna look into it.

  4. Rusty,

    You can go to

  5. So what you're saying is that you knew it was the right Order because the website didn't make you want to run away? How truly unfortunate for those who lack the critical intuition skills you possess. V.L. I appreciate the fervor you have for your order, but if you're going to make a post like this, why not tell your audience what to look out for with the Credit Card scammers, unknowing noise jammers, and the rest of world is trying to attack me spammers. Otherwise, you run the risk of simply sounding like you're indirectly attacking the other groups; which I don't believe you are.

  6. @lux_infinitas:

    First, sorry for the delay in posting your comment; since when I got the email I was at work and I’m permitted to use company resources for personal matters. Just in case you thought I might not publish it as some others do.

    Second, at the time I was searching for an Organization to join, I even didn’t know anything about the Golden Dawn, therefore I didn’t even know nothing about Orders. I didn’t know about what was going on “in da community”; I didn’t know nothing about Zink’s Order and the rest of the groups; therefore, my decision on joining my Order was purely instinctive, no prejudices, even against Farrell, despite I didn’t like him since the beginning I found his blog.
    I went to the Wikipedia page for the Golden Dawn and at that time, the link to the website of my Order was listed there, and in present day, the link has been removed, why? Maybe you know.

    Third, when I joined my Order I even spent more than one year without know nothing about all the “turbulences in da community”.

    Fourth and final point, I’m known to many people, friends, magicians from my Order and from other Traditions; my other two Orders I belong to; therefore I have a reputation which stands by itself and I don’t need to play politics with you or anyone, and I don’t need to lie and neither attack anyone. If I decide to say something against someone, I have the balls to do address anyone by name; so don’t worry, it’s nothing about you or anyone, but I’m proud of the Orders I belong to.

    Fifth, I will not explain myself again, so, whatever your conclusions are, are yours only. But one thing you have to be sure: if you attack me or spread misrepresentations, be aware that I will stand up and I won’t put the other cheek.

    Peace profound, in LVX