Monday, August 8, 2011

Enochian Dreams

Some time ago I was terrified by the word "Enochian", since I had heard stories on how dangerous and powerful these beings are. The next thing I know, is that I had to incorporate Enochian workings in my rites and that put extra stress on me.

I started to do my invocations and definitely I felt the power in the energies and the manifestation of my magical intentions; but even though, I still had my reserves on the system.

One night I had a very vivid dream, I was building Enochian tools and I was being instructed by some being which I didn't see directly in the dream; he was talking to me and telling me how to do it. Some other night, this being appeared again in another dream and this time he was teaching me something in the Tablets and I was fascinated.

I started to get information on the system and of course some books too; after reading and understanding how things work, I decided to make my own Tablets and finally finished them: Watchtowers, Planetary and now I'm trying to do my SDA. Someone might say "hey, scan the book and that's it", but one thing I have learned is that when you do your own tools, you infuse your energies and you get attuned into the current, besides you get something back too.

In another dream I was with some fellow magicians, and we were performing a Jupiter rite and somehow we were also incorporating Enochian elements. I could not see their faces but I knew who they were and again, another entity was there.

Lately I've been doing more Enochian workings and I think I'm getting into the current and therefore, I'm understanding this system much better and one thing I must make clear here, is that I'm not a historian or scholar, I'm a practicing magician: I comply with my grade work in my Order and I do my rites to what I call "a life management plan", so, if a scholar comes to brag on their historical findings...that's ok.

Peace profound, in Light, Life and Love.

Frater VL

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