Monday, December 30, 2013

The advantage of being bilingual

When I decided to have a blog, I started it in English because I live in the United States and of course, it's the official language of the region, and, the majority of people I'm involved with in esoteric topics, speak this language.

Having this approach was very limiting, because we have more than 12 countries south of the US border and hey, I speak that language too; then I decided also to have a blog in Spanish.

The immediate reaction was: "hey, it will be a mirror of my English one", but as I have been getting involved with more and more people who also speak Spanish, I have come to the realization that we have different ways to see the world and we have different needs that those who live in the North.

This makes me re-route the direction of my Spanish blog and gives me the chance to not make the mistakes that people in the North, specially the one related with the "expert" syndrome and thinking that all that Crowley says is the law, for example.

I have been in contact with people with Shamanic instruction and some other traditions and hey, they're awesome (yeah, right now I will have claims that you also have some Shamans out there...) it's Ok, you have the right to claim it.

Getting to know a culture it's a very important aspect of personal development and I will make use that power to grow seeds I've been planting on the south.

Peace profound, in LVX.

H Frater VL

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