Sunday, August 4, 2013

Personal Inquisition?

To clear this topic straight: I will not talk about the article about UK government censoring "esoteric" content on the internet or whatever idea that government try to sell to the public.

What I want to address is the "personal inquisition" that every occultist lives these days. Have you noticed that it is very common that everyone involved in esoteric activities of any sort or Tradition, feels safer when they're behind the scenes? this is, using a motto instead of the real name and/or picture of the person.

Someone just might say: "this is the 21st century, the inquisition is over and we live in the information age blah blah ..."; oh yeah, you're right, but if the inquisition as we know it has finished, why do we need to hide ourselves in weird names and pictures of anything occult?

The explanation is simple, we are not prosecuted as it happened in old times; but we are prosecuted in a very subtle way even by our own family and loved ones.

When I opened myself to my family and loved ones and let them know that I am a Rosicrucian, I found some opposition and I believe that this opposition is most of the times caused by fear and/or ignorance of what we have been taught by religion, science and the Education system; on my Facebook page I have many friends that are involved in some form of religion and up to date, no one has said anything negative or banned me for my affiliations to the Rosicrucian Tradition; if at any moment any of them do it, their reasons will be respected but it won't make change who I am.

On the other hand, I have seen how many of my eFriends need to have 2 accounts: one for family, friends and coworkers; and another for the magical acquaintances; if there's no open inquisition as in the past, why do they need to hide away from family, friends and coworkers?

Well, the answer is also simple: prosecution!, if not, think about this: what would your manager say if they found out that you are a badass magician and you are able to work with the "unknown"? after your manager find this, the prosecution can go from discrimination up to termination; What if your devoted Catholic grandmother finds out that you talk to spirits? what if the guys from college, those involved in science projects just find out pictures of your Enochian Tablets?

If what I mentioned on the above paragraph is not real, why you need to hide? as long as your family, friends, loved ones and coworkers don't know this, you will be accepted in their circle and you feel safe when this occurs; but the very moment they find what you really are, then your inquisition begins; then the witch hunt begins.

I believe that no occultist should suffer from this; the same way as "normal" people are able and free to attend their churches or whatever activity they do, even if what they learn there is nothing; we should also be able and be free to do our will.

Peace Profound, in LVX

H Frater VL


  1. Hello Frater VL. David Griffin has referenced me your blog and booklet and although I am not a devoted practioner of the magical arts, I had experimented myself a while ago with the basic rituals of David Griffin's book and for one thing I am sure: I could feel the flow of energy in the Middle Pillar ritual and I know that something had changed in my "aura" or sphere of sensation so as to say.

    Time has gone by, I went through many ups and downs in my life, and I kept as well by relationship with traditional Christianity. All the while I would also read the TLIG messages, which have been giving me a great understanding and experience of what true mysticism is and I have also enjoyed reading Eugene Herrigel's Zen in the Art of Archery which I would somehow relate with my experience with the financial markets and Seykota's Trading Tribe.

    I was conducting a dialogue recently with David Griffin about the difference between mysticism and magic (see here and here).

    David Griffin stated in his latest article that you have good knowledge of both mysticism and the magical path. I notice, for instance, that both seem to be always in conflict. I think this is mostly related to the effect of religion's egregores and lack of general public understanding about what magic is. You know, you mention magic and/or occultism and people readily relate that to satanism, black magic, etc.

    But back to the topic, I would like to know how you view the relationship between magic and mysticism. For instance, you state that you talk with spirits and had recently met and talked with the god Marduk. I myself have been recently visiting most of Roman ruins and I was astonished by their temples. Then I wonder: in Hermeticism and initiatic orders, magicians are kind of relating to different spiritual entities. But this arises for me the question: isn't it a sort of paganism or at least polytheism?

    And if so, how could this represent any improvement or advantage to, say, monotheism under Christianity, given that Jesus' basic message was universal: forgiveness and love?

    Perhaps you might help elucidate the aim or purpose of the magical path in some of your next articles, and how they relate to mysticism, even in as related to your own personal experience? Thanks.

    1. P.S.: Just adding a note to complement my comment that I have added my own perspective about this issue here.

  2. Being a magician apprentice and living in an small town is been a challenge, people ask me if I am a WITCH, which I cannot be because I am not a woman.
    There been threats from men in town telling me “If you practice sorcery or witchcraft we are going to take care of you, in a way that you won’t enjoy it”
    And even my landlady was asking if I do sorcery or witchcraft practice, I got to tell her before she could even consider to allow me to rent her apartment.
    Things like these happen in our society and I understand the fear of those who have no idea what magic is about for real, they don’t have a clue, and then let they mind run wild about it.
    Bottom line, too much ignorance is going around, especially with Christians, they are afraid of anything called supernatural.
    By the way I am not a WITCH, I am in my to be a magus. I love Ritual Magic and I am learning everyday whatever I can about it.

  3. Care Ain Soph,

    Sorry for the delay, but I've been moving and it has been a heavy, going back to the answer, I want to make clear first, that what I'm going to say, is my own experience, I'm not generalizing or saying that this is the way, alright?

    First, I'm not polytheist; I'm not atheist; I simply do not subdue myself to any form of religion. I do believe in the Universal Intelligence, which many call God or any other name (for me, the name is irrelevant).

    Second, each magical Tradition has a pantheon of gods, or representatives of the forces according their nature, and many or all the rites might require the assumption of a god form, in order to carry the operation accordingly. Being myself a monotheist, I only assume the godform as a necessity, as I said, to perform the operation.

    Third, Magic and Mysticism have their differences, and in my personal practice, I have found a way to use them or combine them for my own benefit, according the operation I need to perform. As I repeat, this is my personal point of view and I'm not saying that this is the way, therefore, I would not consider to discuss further on this topic if anyone comes with "...yeah, but the contradictions...blah blah". Having said this, I believe that the magician must have the ability to create and use the forces and energies accordingly, to produce the desired results.

    I hope this answer your questions. Fraternally in LVX,.

  4. Thanks, Frater VL, for sharing your experience (my former Blogger account of AinSoph was deleted). I appreciate a sincere open minded discussion about spirituality. I have some questions:

    Second, each magical Tradition has a pantheon of gods, or representatives of the forces according their nature, and many or all the rites might require the assumption of a god form, in order to carry the operation accordingly. Being myself a monotheist, I only assume the godform as a necessity, as I said, to perform the operation.

    How do you view the differnece between assuming a god form and channelling a god form? Also, out of interest, what kind of operation do you refer to? Why is it necessary to assume them? I mean, if the purpose of the magical path is developing the magician's will, why is it necessary to invoke and assume a god form?

    Also, you wrote in another article about dedication and success you mention the importance of doing magical acts on everyday life. What kind of magical acts do you refer to?

    Fraternally, in Christ.