Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Censorship and the blind sheeps

Lately, several blogs have been talking about a "Community", which according to them "it is supposed to be a diverse and wide group that includes several Orders, Temples and individuals who practice Golden Dawn Magic".

I belong to a Golden Dawn Order, specifically, the Alpha et Omega and that makes me a member of "the community"; the problem is, that because I belong to a group they don't like, it makes me (according to them) not a member of "the" community.

What a bunch of crap is that? maybe, I'm not a member of "their" group of blind sheeps (I'll go back to the blind sheeps later), however I'm a member of the Golden Dawn community and the real problem is that some of these guys, have self proclaimed "leaders" and take decisions based on what they politically like or dislike.

What about the blind sheeps? well, these guys and many others, like to have a bunch of blind followers, blind sheeps who will bow down their head to them and this is very fucking sick, specially for outsiders...just look at the following example:

I don't understand how outsiders always do bad criticism against the Golden Dawn (as esoteric current), I have read real shit that these guys say; and even without second thought, they claim to be friends of "Golden Dawners" who are the "self proclaimed" leaders of "the community". Can you see how much hypocrisy is vomited here?

To make things clear here, I'm speaking my thoughts and I'm speaking for myself, and I will ever do; I have stated clearly many times that I belong to the HOGD/AO, and if you don't like me because of it, hey, farewell, but I won't please politicians.

I won't bow down my head to anyone, I'm not a blind follower, I'm my own owner and fuck all of those fucking blind sheeps; those who don't dare to speak their minds because their are afraid to lose the sympathy of these lame "leaders"; if you feel offended by this, it is not my fault that your weak mind can't process what I just said.

For a Golden Dawn free of politics,



  1. Very well said! I would love to see a Golden Dawn Community truly free of politics, but unfortunatley, at least for now, I think the blind sheep will be with us for a while. They seem to be content grazing in the same pastures while being herded by the same shepards, and show no sign of open mindedness, or the desire to graze anywhere else besides those same old pastures right along side their same shepards. It is quite sad what this looks like from the perspective of outsiders, but until these sheep lift up their heads and look toward greener pastures, I'm afraid nothing will change. Great post Frater VL! Fraternally in LVX!

  2. Remember, the problem is not the rank and file Golden Dawn members of the other Golden Dawn orders. It is only a handful of very vocal SRIA sock puppets who create the appearance of a community with a bunch of one man orders.

  3. This morning Mitzy's anonymous attack page has disappeared from cyberspace.

    Poof. Gone.

    It looks like the SRIA sock puppets, especially the ones who make money selling books, are finally waking up to the fact that they have been sawing off the branch they have been sitting on all along.

    Think about it.

    1. Most SRIA sock puppets love to make money selling books on the Golden Dawn.

    2. There is a very limited market for books on the Golden Dawn.

    3. Since the Alpha Omega is the world's largest Golden Dawn order, writing books attacking the A.O. merely pisses off the largest part of the market for Golden Dawn books.

    It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. I am surprised it took these guys so long to get it, but I for one am glad they did.

    No offense to the wonderful people who contributed to the Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls book, but I for one will not be buying it.

    Why not? Two reasons.

    1. It was edited and published by an author who wrote two books attacking the A.O. and its founder, Mathers.

    2. It has been hyped as the proceeds going to the legal fund whose only purpose has ever been to attack the A.O. in court.

    A.O. members have a huge power by voting with their wallets. By refusing to buy books written, edited, or published by individuals who attack the A.O. in their writings, such individuals suffer for such nonsense in the place that they love most, their wallets.

    The SRIA Sock Puppet Community
    "We Make MONEY"