Monday, November 26, 2012

The Book of Coelius

I had the chance to obtain this book as soon as it was released, and since I read the introduction I had expectations on the material.  The author is a well-known fellow Magician and Alchemist, Christopher Bradford.

This book it is about Alchemy, the Royal Art, the development of the self; and as it is stated on the material, it refers to practices of an Alchemical Order called Ordo Octopi Nigri Pulveri, from which the brother Bradford is member.

The book starts by describing the particular process of this Order; and quickly moves in the details of the Rites to be performed for each step of the Alchemical process.

Being Alchemy a subject of study strongly based on symbolism, this book surpasses the expectations because it presents practical methods, step by step on how to perform the Rites from the ground, for the development and transformation of the self.

The book is practical from cover to cover; no blinds; no unnecessary theory, just the one needed to understand the work that is being presented. This is a book to be used to work with it; this is not a book for the shelf, or for the armchair.

Being an aspiring Alchemist myself and being exposed to other methods, I found the practices on this book highly compatible with my field of study and development, which are the Rosicrucian and Hermetic Traditions.

I encourage those interested in pursuing the Great Work to acquire this book; it will set you apart from being just a conjurer or just a magician who work for mundane goals. Invest in yourself and work in your own development, your own body, your own mind and soul.

Peace Profound, in LVX

H Frater VL

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  1. Querido Frater V.L.

    Te saludo en los Lazos de la LVX de la Aurora Dorada (Golden Dawn AO)

    Sin duda un excelente libro, que conocí a través de tu blog. Muchas Gracias!!!

    Si me permites, muy humildemente quisiera recomendarte revisar los cursos de los PHILOSOPHERS OF NATURE, una Orden Alquímica, lamentablemente hoy extinta, fundada por el dasaparecido Jean Dubuis. En mi humilde opinión, de los mejores cursos de Alquimia práctica (tanto material como Interna y espiritual) que se han desarrollado.